Differences between the different speed attributes in 2K23

 When setting player attributes, many 2K players put a lot of energy into height to obtain better speed. Most players will control the speed at around 80, and some players like to keep the speed at 85. Discuss whether a speed above 85 is worth the player's continued investment.

How does the speed attribute affect players?

It will increase the player's running speed without the ball. As the running distance increases, the speed will become faster and faster. This is often closely related to perimeter defense, but it will not touch lateral movement.

Changes in speed at different grades

From the linear graph above, it can be seen intuitively that the speed has a pronounced change at 57-71, and it becomes faster. Although this is a turning point, it does not mean a speed of 71 is enough. After exceeding this turning point, players can still get reasonable improvement.

Same distance, different speed test

Through this picture, it is intuitive to see the difference in the speed of different levels at the same distance. Players who set their speed at 70 and 80 cannot catch up with players with a speed of 90+ when defending.

This is a comparison of the speed of 90+. Although the speed of 92 is also very fast, it is still slightly slower than 99 by about 0.2 seconds.

If you are a defender, the speed factor must be considered. If conditions permit, you can maximize the speed. Even if the rating changes due to this, it is worth trying. But if the full-level speed is brutal for you, then the speed of 92 can also meet the defense requirements.

Relationship Between Height and Speed

Big guys don't move as fast as small guys for the same speed, a 6'3 78 moves faster than a 6'9 78. If you set the speed of a short guard to 90+, no one can stop him on the field.

If you like big players, they will lose some advantages in speed. It isn't easy to achieve 90+ speed. In this case, you need to use the badge to get fast movement. If you're over 6'8, 80's speed and gym rats are all you need, giving you a permanent 4-point boost to your physical stats.

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